Its almost unbelieveable, I won the European Union drawing competition pro category. It really humbles me knowing the value in my work was appreciated, the painting carried so much meaning towards what the EU is working for in Zambia and what we intend to achieve in the near future. It is also very rare to have art competitions in Zambia owing to how casual art is taken and how young the industry is hence I was very excited to be part of this competition. It is my wish that we could have more opportunities as artists locally that direct some empowerment and appreciation towards Zambian artists.

It was such a pleasure having the chance to meet amazing Zambian artists such as Bflow, Wezi, Chef and Mag44. I am thankful to the EU for this opportunity. Congratulations to the other artists who participated. We are all winners, this is just the beginning of greater things for us! You can check my videos on the prize giving event here or you can view some videos on the development of the final winning piece here



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