Wow, I can barely believe this! I emerged the winner of the Stand Together Art Competition by ONE. From over 100 entries, over 55 African countries, my Art work was first shortlisted in the top 10, then won. This is a big win not only for me, but Zambia as well. The art industry in Zambia is still lacking, many creatives are not able to achieve their full potential because of set backs in terms of learning and opportunities. This win is a step forward to say despite the challenges we have endured, we can still make it if we try, if we push ourselves to wider avenues. We aught to keep doing our best even when things sim dim. We aught to keep searching and trying. Some day things will work out for good! This is a win for Art as well. All the beautiful Art works and poems submitted show that Art is also a viable media to create social awareness and we as artists are in this struggle together- the covid struggle. Each person has a role to play in whatever way they are capable, each person has a part to play, covid will soon be a thing of the past. Please check out this link to see the journey or this link to know the meaning behind the painting OR you can just view the videos below.



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