Thomas Vladimir

Thomas is a 21 year old Artist specialised in graphite and charcoal drawings. I grew up in the Copperbelt Ndola to be exact. I was inspired by people like Arinze Stanely and Kelvin Okafor, i always dreamt of being good at what I do. I started drawing at the age of 4 scribbling crayons on paper.
I grew up in a family where everyone was expected to do what the elders suggested but I took a different path knowing who I am and what am capable of doing. Financially I struggled to get proper tools when I started, and I faced a lot of heavy criticism along the way but I never took all those words to heart I used those words as away of improving.
I love everything about art, more especially the shading process, it teaches patience and how to focus on one thing at a time which can be applied in real life when you take time to work on something piece by piece it will turn out to be a master piece.
Not really an accomplishment but I created my our shading strategy through innovation, hard work, sleepless nights, focus, practice and consistency.
I draw inspiration from the books I read and from big artists if they can do it then its possible for me to also do it. I tried to be someone else, and that is the same big mistakes most upcoming artists like me make the realest thing to do is staying true to yourself, believe in your craft and perfect. Perfection doesn’t just happen overnight but you have to start from somewhere. I learnt something from my mistakes when you try to copy other people you’ll lose your way in life and there slim chances of making it in life
What the industry needs is unity.  When we move in separate ways we move fast but when we move as a group we’ll reach far. Africa needs to grow in art.
The keys to success is patience, hard work and consistency even if you are moving at a slow pace the fact is that you are moving forward and that is the only things that matters. Practice everyday at your own free time, read lots of books about the type of art you are doing focus on one thing at a time, don’t push yourself too much. When tired, rest and continue some other time. Whenever you feel like giving up, remember the life you promised yourself once you make it.
To get in touch with this amazing artist or to see more of his work you can follow him on his facebook page .

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