Rose Zulu Lowa

Rose Zulu Lowa popularly known as Roz is a passionate, friendly, accommodating and proactive lady.  She currently works full time for The Judiciary as a Real time Court Reporter but still finds time to pursue her passion in Entertainment and Media.

At the age of 11 years old, Roz became a volunteer and community worker with various youth organizations fighting HIV and AIDS such as Youth Alive Zambia, Network of Zambian’s living with HIV and AIDS and Youth Vision. This gave her early exposure to the harsh realities faced in the Zambian communities.

As a Youth worker, she gained facilitation and training skills that later led her to be discovered for Media during a Media HIV and AIDS media training workshop by Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ). While Roz was making a presentation during the same workshop, she was noticed by one of Zambia’s iconic Television Presenter’s, Smooth IK at the age of 19 years old. She explains that Innocent Kalaluka approached her and told her she was confident, spoke well and he thought she would make a good TV Presenter. That is how weeks later, a new short segment on Smooth talk called Dj’s Booth was born where Roz visited various radio stations interviewing Dj’s or Radio Presenters, ending each episode with the catch phrase “you have just been kissed by a Rose.”

Her easy going tomboy style and eccentric personality later caught the attention of a fashion and make-up artist who was curious to have Roz made over into a lady, which led her to present yet another segment on Smooth Talk called fashion Police. Nyembezi Folotiya, gave Roz a major girlie make over for the first episode and thereafter had Roz give other random people complete fashion make overs from hair to make-up to wardrope.

Roz further went on to becoming a Radio Presenter on Radio 4Fm and Radio Christian voice respectively, she presented a live music production on ZNBC called Unplugged, she has acted in movies such as Kwacha by Cassie Kabwita and Maynard Muchangwe, Jomako and Zuba, Zambezi Magic telenovela. She has also featured and rapped in music videos, written 2 magazines, hosted events such as the Multichoice Talent Factory screening, Shuungu Namutitima International Film Festival and Born n Bred Video Awards to name a few.

Roz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Zambia, a study she pursued because of her passion for television and radio. During her studies, she took psychology as her minor and in her final year studied forensic psychology which unravelled her interest in criminal behaviour. Today her work in the High Court as a Real Time Court Reporter has exposed her to the gruesome reality of crime in Zambia which has since triggered an interest in her to one day produce a Television series or films that will tell real life Zambian criminal stories.

Roz believes in the power film, she says, “film can influence and create social change as it is powerful tool we do not fully utilize in Zambia.” Roz believes by combining all her passions, experiences and skills, She will one day make a significant contribution in raising awareness on the Laws in Zambia through sharing these untold true Zambian crime stories.

Roz is also a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Alumni, and during her training within the first week, she was elected to lead her Business & Entrepreneurship class of Cohort 14, an experience that allowed her to closely interact with about 45 youths from Southern Africa. The 4 weeks training programme enriched her leadership skills while gaining knowledge in Business & Entrepreneurship. Roz has travelled to various countries representing Zambia at various youth conferences and trainings, which has allowed her to gain public speaking skills and international relations.

Roz is the 4th born out of five, born from a Kenyan mother who was a passionate caterer and established an African Cuisine Restaurant called Karibuni Africana after the demise of her loving Zambian husband who was a Diplomat. Roz believes that it is her late parent’s diverse talents and unique set of skills that have influenced who she is today.

“My unique ability to naturally co-exist and work with people from different backgrounds was passed on to me by my parents, I can never take credit for it, I have only enhanced it over the years,” she said with a smile.

Today even as a mother, a wife, full time career woman and Media Consultant and Entrepreneur, Roz has not slowed down, saying her greatest fear is to die without achieving the Zenith of her all her potentials.

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