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My name is Chungu Jr Patrick a Zambian visual artist, I was born in Ndola and am turning 27 years old on 4th of March, 2021. A member of Copperbelt Visual Arts Council and a qualified diploma secondary teacher of art and design/physical education. Currently am working with pictorial arts (drawing and painting) and printing (signwriting) for a living and waiting to be deployed as a secondary teacher.
I grew up in Bonano, Ndola. I was staying with my grandparents and my father in the same house. I recently graduated from Mufulira College of Education in 2020. In 2001 when I was in grade 1 by that time I liked creating things for example; in crafts I use to make flowers and cars using papers. In sculptures I use to make cars using soil and wires and I use to assemble materials to make cars and human beings. Furthermore, on the part of pictorial arts I use to draw and colour cartoons in books using crayons. Consequently I discovered my talent and I started practicing portrait drawings in 2009 when I was in grade 9. I did my first painting on the canvas using oil paints in 2011 when I was taking art and design as my optional subject and I was excited.
What inspired me to become a visual artist were my father and my grandfather. At one time during my childhood life one day my father sent me to go and get a paper and pen when we were chatting in the living room and then he started drawing batman from experience. By then I never knew my father was a visual artist not until I saw his powerful drawing. For this reason I was inspired and motivated. My grandfather and my father were both part time visual artists because they were doing other works.
The major challenges I faced in my journey getting where I am today are; lack of support from the people. Some of the people use to demotivate and discourage me about being a full time visual artist, they use to stop me from drawing even if art was my optional subject especially when I was in an examination class and I use to hide my drawings not until I finished grade 12 that was in 2012. Shortage of materials, my parents never used to give me money for buying materials and I use to look for materials myself.
What I love most about my talent is freedom of expression; it assists me in exposing and expressing inner self; I see the character and nature of God the creator; it’s an asset for me because its Income generating; it makes me happy and health; it makes me to meet high rank people in the society and the respect people give me in our society.
Nevertheless, my biggest accomplishments in my journey getting where am today is being exposed and examined in art categories such as pictorial, crafts, sculpture, Ceramics and printing during my experience in college that was in 2017-2019
What I think are the secrets behind getting to where am today is being goal oriented because art has no formula, the formula is the artist himself or herself. Use the power of creativity and be resourceful, practice more because it is said that ‘practice makes improvement’, give yourself a challenges in terms of drawing/painting there will make you improve and be exposed.
The actions that I have taken to develop to who am today are; I don’t listen to people who are
discouraging me to stop art because they say that “Art is not appreciated in Zambia” which is not true. I like watching tutorials on YouTube channels of hyperrealism drawings and painting using oil cause I using oil paints and drawing a portrait using coloured pencils and other media. For this reason I do practice almost every day and I have been studying art books. In addition to, my aim is to become a successful professional Zambian visual artist and inspire many my younger of me. the inspiration of my artworks most of them comes from my feelings I love Africa that’s the main reason I like drawing beautiful ladies of Africa and drawing of African children. And my other inspiration comes from life we are experiencing in our society and the beauty of our nature.
The mistakes which I made of my journey was hiding my artworks, not taking part in art competitions because I was afraid to show my talent as young teenager I didn’t believe in myself, not advertising fully and I did sell my name when I was a teenager. What i learned from my mistakes is that as an artist you have to believe in yourself and have confidence in your gifted hands. You have to sell your name and advertise your products in art business for you to become a successful visual artist.
In concluding, what I can advising younger version of me about Art is to be content with art. You should be practicing more to improve, they say that “practice makes perfect”. You should take art as a career or a job because a sustaining my through art. You should believe in yourself and have confidence in your gifted hands and have interest in Art. You should start making money from art because it’s said that “Art has no formula, the formula is the artist”. You should start showcasing your artworks because you are going to sell your name and get exposed to different media don’t just use one media. And you should learn from others, make friends who are interested art their going to motivate and inspire you

What a beautiful story. Check out facebook page to see more of his mind blowing work!


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