Natasha is a person full of laughter and loves to sing and draw, I am an artist who loves getting a blank paper and transform it to something of more value.

I am a first born in the family of five, born in Zambia and I grew up in Copperbelt province. My childhood was amazing, lucky enough I had supportive parents who supported me with school and I had a great environment to study. Despite having all that, I had that emptiness inside me, there was a space that needed to be filled so art became that which could fill up that empty space. I was brought up to have a mind of my own, my parents would always tell me to pursue my dreams and due to that I am the person I am today because I have learnt to pursue my dreams in the light.

Denial and fear of failure were some of the challenges I faced, my parents couldn’t accept the fact that I wanted to be an artist despite them being supportive in other areas, so at some point I was stopped from doing art.

What I love most about art is that it makes me different and unique. It brings down my anger, it motivates me to see life in a different way. My biggest accomplishment was to be able to draw like I do right now, I just started out like two years ago and I see myself accomplishing even more.

I have been able to understand myself better since the day I started art, back then I was confused of who I am but art found me and I found myself. Patience, practice, consistency, humility, these are the factors that can make someone a better person and when you love what you do, then it will all come out strong.

I love reading books that talk about following ones dream especially inspirational books as well as learning from other people doing better than me. I have reduced my hours of watching other TV programmes and devoted them to watching art tutorials 10.

Rushing, I have learnt that rushing to so something is a big mistake, art is one step at a time and I wish I never made that mistake, it took a lot of effort for me to be where I am because I was rushing and I wasn’t giving myself chance to learn. If I never did that, I think I would have been on a better position today. 11.

Nothing would I want to change about the art industry but I would love to contribute greatly by giving more chance for artists to gather together and exhibit their talents as well as just build schools for artists to get to understand art more deeply. Do not give up, start from any point and drive the force in you with the energy to learn

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