MwanaMwaba Mundende

“Your creativity is your power”Mwanamwaba Mundende
32 year old Mwanamwaba Mundende is an Entrepreneur who possess a bachelor of arts in Demography and a masters of arts in Economic Policy Management from University of Zambia (UNZA),she is a very creative young lady that has used her creativity for a living , she says “I started my work at a tender age with my late mum. When I completed grade 12 as I waited to go to university its what kept me busy,I first started with crotcheted ladies tops and beaded ladies handbags. I continued with this at university and it gave me extra pocket money and what made me start is largely the inner passion that I have for art and the realisation that I can actually earn a living out of the skills I possess.
There are a lot of benefits in this business of course the greatest being the money aspect. But even just the inner fulfilment I get when I get to decorate someone’ house or space and they are happy with my work. I interact with clients from different parts of the country and even outside the country this in itself has expanded my social circle.
So my greatest inspiration till date is my mum, who always taught me to work hard and always do my best in all I do, but despite all that the only challenge I can say is that there are still people that underrate locally made products. The moment they learn that a product was locally made they are put off and discouraged to buy despite its quality being good. So convincing such people to buy is really hard.
My future plans are to expand my business, employ more people to increase production and start exporting my products on large scale because I have seen great potential for business out there.
My encouragement to girls and women out there is to work hard at what ever you lay your hands on. Sometimes jobs do not easily come buy ,if you have a skill, use it come up with a product or offer a service of good quality and there shall always be someone to buy from you. Ensure that your product is appealing and it is well packaged, it should be of good quality, it should be affordable and ensure that it is well marketed(there are so many affordable platforms to advertise on nowadays- social media being on of them). Finally you should be easily accessible, clients should not struggle to reach out to you. These are aspects that have made my business successful. You might be an orphan or school dropout with no source of income, do not be discouraged find something that you can do, if you have a talent even better, use it to earn a living. You may start small but with hardworking and determination, it may grow into something you never imagined.
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