Mwamba Chikwemba

The passion and love I gave to my work gave me a different understanding that something different can happen in my life and for sure when I applied the concept of love and passion everything immediately changed because at first before I realized its importance, painting was a part time talent when I was working for pick and pay stores but never sold any piece until I resigned my job because it made me realize that I was sitting on my gift. You can be your own stakeholder of your life all you need is to have the desire for greatness as a girl child, greatness isn’t just in some of us but it is for sure in all of us, you just have to choose to be great there is no such things like am better than you we are all great in our own ways.
26 year old Mwamba Chikwemba former Public Administration NIPA student is now doing Visual Art specialized in drawing, painting, sculpture and installations as her source of living.
Mwamba Chikwemba is a Diploma holder in Public Administration but her talent has given her the future she has been looking for, Mwamba “It actually takes commitment to discover what will pay you better money and that which will give you a great future you have always looked for.
She future says “if you can only focus and work hard on yourself then money will look for you because you have created an opportunity for yourself. I saw art as something that will give me a different meaning of life and so I decided to work hard because I realized the only way I could make it better is using my talent and earn better, I have been doing art all my life but I decided to be a full time artist since 2016 and I have been practicing for more perfection each and every day. The benefits have found are a lot which I never even expected when I was starting. One of the benefits is the freedom I get when am creating is priceless, and also I get to travel and meet different kind of people/ networking. For me Art has given me an opportunity to express myself and also provided an outlet to share feelings or thoughts or even communicate a certain positive message.
Mwamba is the a very talented young lady that believes in herself and very hardworking, she has that big visualization of big things and she explains how she got inspired, who inspired her to start working on her dream like everyone would ask “I am inspired by my parents their love and support and the hard work it took for them to raise me, give me shelter, educate, push and nurture me and my siblings. They have always pushed me to do my best. When it comes to my work especially my dad, there have been a few who have encouraged and inspired me. Some are people I have never personally met, but their art has contributed on adding more fire on me, and activated my desire to create more beautiful art works. And mostly even local artist have met when I was starting my painting from the showgrounds Lusaka at henry tayali a place where artist meet to network.
I have traveled so far to 4 countries like Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Australia but frequently traveling to South Africa (SA) because of Art.

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