Monica Banda

Being a single mother while in school has taught me to earn over K5 000 in a month through my talent.
Monica Banda is a girl aged 20 born in a family of 5 girls. She is very hard-working and determined. She fell pregnant when she was 18 years of age during her grade 11 at woodlands secondary school in 2019. She narrated to Girl Empowerment Alliance for change her personal ordeal.
The time I fell pregnant I felt like the world came to an end knowing I am my mother’s first born and that she struggled really hard to take me to school. Alot of friends and family spoke ill of me and some even wanted me to abort. In June 2019 I left home and went to stay in the Copperbelt with my auntie I had explained everything to her, during my pregancy i felt the impact of what our parents mean when they say focus on school not playing around ,I cried day and night but I never gave up at any point.
I went through hard moments but the moments made me stronger and wise. I paid attention to my talent for me to be able to provide what I could for my child.
In 2020 on the 24th of February around 20:33 I gave birth to my beautiful Angel Deborah Shekianah Muyembe I held my child in my arms that night I looked at her and I promised myself to work extra hard and never fail to provide for her no matter the little I could provide. During my pregnancy I lost alot of friends who I thought were real to me but they all left me. I took my talent to another level which I was able to take myself back to school and provide for my child through hair dressing and selling thrift clothings.
Am a single mum and I have thousands of dreams ahead of me the sky is not the limit my love. Here I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl and am back in school .I am greatful to my mum for not giving up on me and has encouraged me to work had and her support means the whole world to me.
To our parents please take heart and forgive us for we are your children and don’t easily give up on us you might not know what tomorrow might bring ,My word to my fellow single parent I to never give up nomatter what.
No everyone will like or be with you it’s okey my love no everyone will hurt you cherish those that are by your side and respect each and every person your meet you might not know what the future holds.Stick to your dreams and the well being of your child
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