Malumbo Mwango


My name is Malumbo Mwango, an artist, a visual artist that is born and raised in the beautiful city of Lusaka. Growing up as a kid, I loved playing around with paint and that’s one thing that never bored me.

During my primary Education at St. Michael Early learning center, we had these art sessions every Friday. I really enjoyed these sessions all the time. We engaged ourselves in almost everything,talk about mosaics, painting, knitting and sewing, the list goes on. My dad was an artist too, so I moved with that because I wanted to be like him someday. During my secondary education at Chalo Trust School, I decided to take part in a talent show and I got an award for best female artist. That inspired me to keep nurturing my gift,and here I am still working on it.

We are all unique and gifted differently, that’s what makes art beautiful. Challenges have been there. When you’re eager to learn something but you’ve no one to show you how certain things are done is quite a challenge too. But that hasn’t stopped me. I really love what I do. There are certain pieces I would create, hoping that it would make an impact on someone and it’s a success at the end of the day, I would say that’s an achievement to me. Many people are too lazy to read, so that’s why I would use my creativity at times to reach out to people, and this I love.

Well I am eager to see where this gift takes me. Just being able to create something beautiful is an accomplishment to me. I was one that wasn’t so confident about what I did, but today that has changed. To get where I am now, I would say it’s persistence that has kept me going. If you love what you do, you wouldn’t mind what the world thinks. Seeking for approval isn’t a key to success, I would urge artists that.

Networking with other artists is one thing I do too, that has helped me. I hope to work with more artists. To do better than I was yesterday keeps me going. Just a look at other Artists works, keeps me inspired too. If there’s something that I could change is the way art is viewed. I would love when someone looks at an artwork, they’re moved or a certain impact has been made. To my younger self, I say always be confident about what you do, not everyone will love what you do but that doesn’t matter, stay positive in all situations and love what you do.


to see more unique pieces of art you can check our Malumbo’s facebook page.

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