Idah Muchenje

One thing I have come to understand about life is that whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that it leaves a mark. and people will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do, and my strongest advise to someone thinking twice about taken up a dream is it’s never too late to show your capabilities don’t lose hope and Never give up! If you have something that you believe in then you should run with it, no matter how difficult it may seem. You could be closer than you think, just around the corner from success and the world will soon see it and celebrate your victory with you.
27 years old Idah Muchenje CEO of I.D Creations company is not only an event planner/ Event Decor Specialist but a Diploma holder in Environmental health with a post graduate Diploma in leadership and management, she is currently working under ministry of Health Zambia as an Environmental health Technologist she says “Despite been a health personal, I am extremely passionate about the creative industry,events in particular and it’s because of that I.D creations came in existence, My vision of having an events company all started when I did a full event planning and a setup for my 25th birthday because of the overwhelming response I got I took a leap of faith and decided to offer it as a service, with no experience,funds or training but with only the zeal and the passion to showcase my passion And skills..what contributed to this passion is the fact that growing up I was always good with anything that has to do with Art. And I would express that in my drawings, creating staff and down to even the way I could match my outfits. I always had a creative hand and eye which made me take up Art classes in high school and became one of the best female Art students in my intake. Also I noticed most events companies outside Zambia who do events and wedding would do pretty much well if they did mind blowing events and when I finally decided to be part of the industry, I thought I could offer something different and unusual too.. hence the company slogan “Not your usual.” I try to challenge myself to do something extraordinary by always putting extra effort in the setups and despite the uncertainty in starting something that big and demanding I didn’t procrastinate. Truth is I.D creations comes from a deeper place, it’s more than a business, it’s passion and a talent and that has made me realize that Talent can’t be lost it can only be neglected… and when I finally decided to take it up! I knew I was late for the party but when I got to the dance floor, I had to dance the hardest!!!
I find this business so satisfying. And the idea of seeing my imagination come to life and making my clients dream come to life gives me so much joy, the reactions when clients walk in their wedding venues ,the hugs I get, the tears of joy that always shows that I made someone’s dream come to life. It makes It all worth it, the stress, the anxiety, the mental breakdown… it’s all worth it!! I thrive on it. I lay my heart out to put my work out there and my hope is always to see a client happy.
I have developed a great understanding for this business just from the feedback that I get from the clients and the people around me which in the end motivates me a lot. With only in 1year 8months in the industry I.D creations has made so much impact as a brand. and has achieved great things which one of them was been awarded as Zambian best wedding florist 2019,and this business has greatly empowered youths ,I get to have a more than 8 workers on site to help put an event together, I have been able to subcontract other companies too, to me that’s a blessing and I believe I have been able to give back to the community in such a manner. am glad that am also able to get inspiration from a lot of female figures too, women in business. young females who are working extremely hard and are either doing business or just pursuing studies. they totally give me the drive to push even harder. And I surround myself with a number of them.
Challenges I faced is having luck of materials within the country since our country doesn’t stalk a variety of decor pieces so I have decided to use my creative mind to create magic with what’s available and I also travel out to stock up materials, and great use of technology has really made wonders in my business. Another challenge is creating beautiful events requires a lot of funds and most clients sometimes don’t really understand but I so far I have tried to connect with clients who understand the value of what they are paying for and it’s working, another thing is finding workers who are as creative and who are able to buy in the vision can also be a challenge but the fact that am always hands on and present throughout we slowly getting there and of course balancing between work and events.. it’s not easy but God’s Grace has been sufficient.
My Future plans are to grow my business and create a full company system that will help lessen the burden entirely on me. To also create a brand that will stand a test of time for generations to create, setup and show my talent not only in Zambia but to the world at large. So, my encouragement to my fellow women and girls is that you can do anything you put your mind to…what a man can do you can do better!! Find that one thing that you love and do it so well. You are not weak! You not insufficient…be independent, it’s possible and achievable. You too can do it! And to anyone who has passion and talent you don’t know how to go about it. Believe in yourself. So much that it makes the people around you believe and buy in your dream be consistent and working hard towards it because that’s the key to be successful. It’s not easy but it’s possible! To a women or girl out there Like a Rose… I pray you Blossom in your full beauty and ability but with your thorn be Aggressive enough to cement your position in society… you’re a force to reckon on.

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