Haggai Mutale Mwaba

1. Who is Haggai Mutale Mwaba (what you do now, what you create or work as)?

Ans. Mwaba Mutale Haggai .Am a pencil artist. 

2. Tell me a little about yourself? (Where you are from, where you grew up, what your childhood was like, what inspired you to become who you are)

Ans. Born and grew up from copperbelt .during my childhood I was very much interested in sketching and whoever knew how to sketch was my friend automatically. 

3. How did your upbringing/background influence who you are today?

Ans. Owning to deep passion for drawing I kept the fire for drawing burning till where I am today, with heads up till forever. 

4. What are some of the major challenges you faced in your journey getting where you are today?

Ans. Being a natural artist ( without attending any formal classes) I had challenges almost on everything concerning artist starting from identification of pencil grade to shading. Besides that not have anyone to mentor your work professionally was so challenging. 

5. What do you love most about your job/talent/skill/work?

Ans. I love art because during and after the process of drawing it gives you the sense of mentor relaxation and euphoria. Also art teaches me to patient each a drawing is challenging. And patience is a good quality in life.

6. What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

Ans. I have not really accomplished much per say except for the drawings I didn’t for my local people who are not well renounced.

7. What has being who you are enabled you to do today which you wouldn’t have ordinarily?

8. What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you are today?

Ans. Dedication, hardworking, focused, determination and patience. On top of that admire other people’s work for motivation seek.

9. What actions have you taken to develop to who you are today and where do you draw inspiration?(What do you listen to or read, upgrading c.v., training, mentorship etc)

Ans. I have been following some of the renounced artist both local and international (ie. Musa mwengwe art, Charles laveso, samuel torres ) mostly I listen to music music of my time and usually i read philosophical quotes. 

10. What are some of the mistakes you have made if any that you would have avoided, what did you learn from them?

Ans. Not any I can point to.

11. If you could change anything about the industry what could it be?

Ans. If we can be having regular exhibitions would really help identification and promote the art industry. 

12. If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advise would you give yourself?

Ans. Hard work, persistence, dedication and patience are quality needed to conquer the industry of art.

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