Hey everyone, thank you for visiting my profile. I’m Felistus Chama and I’m a female Zambian artist and the creator of Youngcreativez.

My love for art began at a tender age and my earliest memories of drawing were at the age of 5. My parents have always been my biggest fans and always cheered me on each step of the way. My parents always bought us coloring books and colored pencils and this helped nurture my passion. I began taking art in high school (St. Marys secondary school) after seeing realistic drawings in the art room of a basket ball, I cant even describe the feeling I had. I wanted nothing more. I begged the deputy head to allow me to switch courses and after much persuation he accepted. I learned my basic skills there and was always a top student. I won a few art competitions and was selected as one of the top 8 Zambian high school finalists by bank ABC in 2007. If you’re sensitive to your talent its always to your advantage to nurture it as early as possible. Never despise humble beginnings.

Though I hold a bachelors degree in Development studies with Economics from the University of Zambia and have a full time job with the Judiciary as a real time Court Reporter I still I don’t shun my artistic side. I am a social entrepreneur by heart. I think especially in  our budding economy where art is not fully appreciated financially it’s important to diversify which helps you sharpen your entrepreneural skills. In my view entrepreneurship is the end goal, be your own boss. Use the little you have to take baby steps and open those little windows and eventually doors will open.  I will share more on entrepreneurship in my blogs as well as art tips. Watch this space.

No matter the returns always add value to your work. Set yourself apart from the rest. Be you. Even if you are a small artist your work will be appreciated for what it is. I was blessed to have opportunities to be featured in magazines, the newspaper, and various television stations including ZNBC smooth talk. Each baby step is a step closer to achieving your dream.  I appreciate every one who has supported my journey. Hard work and determination are key


One important lesson I have learnt over the recent past is that art should have a meaning. Its not just about drawing pretty flowers or pretty faces. What does your art stand for in your life or your community. Art is a message.. what are you communicating? Many people resonate with my work because it carries a message. Many times I get called to participate in exhibitions going by their theme and my work. It helps to have work that has a theme. I integrating my art into a good social cause, I feel it brings growth and a deeper understanding of my community.

To know more about me and my creative journey stay tuned to my blogs and follow my facebook page , a blog about me  here, my tiktok , my youtube channel as well as my instagram profile .


Please stay inspired and informed on the journey and lives of the many brilliant creatives in our community. This platform is here to help inspire and connect you to a story that could change your life. We have so much talent and potential but there is a huge gap in information. Our message is be yourself, work hard and don’t be afraid to take that first step. One step is all that’s needed to move forward.

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