Ahilud Kamulembe

I was born in Mkushi but only lived their for less than two years until we moved to Serenje where I spent 70 % of my life…before coming to lusaka.. My child hood was Quite an adventure, I developed interest in drawing at an early age. I have never done art in School, I have had ups and downs which came as a result of being misunderstood even by my own parents but they are Good People and Good parents. My mom is a queen who has never given up on me and I care about my Dad.
Who I’m am today has a lot to do with my Past and How I was brought up but as far as art goes it comes natural, I can say I never took it seriously back then coz some times I can stay for a couple of years without drawing.. I was like since its inborn why should I put myself under pressure? Until 2019 when I went back to Serenje, I have never been as consistent As I have been in the Past 2 years and even though I am not yet the artist that I want to be .. i’m happy with the artist that I am today..

My Child hood experiences have had an Impact on me.. Some times I feel I’m Too sensitive for my own Good.. My mental prowess is unparalleled. I feel like I have gone through everything a man is suppose to Go thru but the Past Does not define me Coz no matter how many times you look at it, the picture remains the same…The future is in my Hands that’s why I do not live for the moment…
I have learnt never to expect so much in life….especially from Family…. Hope for the worst even when u r expecting the worst.. I have also learnt that family can be any one..

When u fall what matters is not the fall but how high u rise up coz What ever doesn’t kill u will only make me Stronger… My mental prowess is unparalleled,. And my love for art Is Untoucheable.

The Family circle has had a major impact,… With the way I react to situations personal issues aside… they never shared the same enthusiasm I have for art .. The fact that most people especially in a place like Zambia don’t know the value of art has an impact on my progress But My Passion for Art Beats their negativity hence the reason I Keep on growing..
There is so much I can say about this God given gift.. From among other things… The fact that I can draw in any kind of mood is Mind blowing… I feel incomplete when a day goes by without drawing
There is also that cute feeling I get when I enter an art Shop, That overwhelming feeling I get when I look at my finished Work of art beats the feeling I get before I can start working on a piece and Not forgetting the gorgeous feeling I get when someone appreciates my work… The way I tell my self to Draw something in a specific way and it actually comes out the same way I wanted.. I end up impressing myself in the process.. that’s priceless… That’s moment when u meet a serious customer who Values art and cares less about the price.. That’s a source of motivation.

Ahilud definitely has a deep story to tell, almost as deep as his art. Check out his facebook page to see more of his awesome works of art.


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