I can vividly remember in December 2021 I thought to myself how creative it would be for me to begin a painting from SCRATCH and document my progress all the way so that art lovers can get to share in the creative experience.

I have realized that there’s a big portion of appreciation for creativity that is lost by not having the creative process shared by the viewers, many viewers ask, what does this mean? What were you thinking when creating this or that? This happens often at exhibitions after all the work has been done and dusted, there is very little to say at that point. I believe the creative process must be shared in order for a full appreciation to take place. It also helps in grooming upcoming artists and showing the skills that were implored through various techniques.

Well let me not get carried away! THAT was what inspired me to fully document the entire process of a painting and who better a pick than the lovely song bird Esther Chungu! I picked Esther because she is a force to reckon with, her journey is truly inspiring and above all she is a positive role model. It was amazing how much support I got during the process, one of my videos actually went VIRAL on tiktok! currently has almost 50 000 views which is HUGE! Thanks to everyone who bumped up the video and tagged her coz she got wind of the work and personally reached out to me. I met her and she purchased the work. She also displayed it at the Jazz festival on new years eve where she was performing. It was such a beautiful way to end the year! I am so proud of that painting, it was really a beautiful piece and there’s definitely more where that came from! Watch this space yal!


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