Painting colorful portrait

I can safely say this is the FIRST and ONLY commissioned portrait where the client had given me the entire creative freedom to do whatever I saw best with the original image as long as I was able to create something colorful. With great power comes great responsibility! \

I was excited but nervous because it gave me freedom to explore and show case my capabilities, however, since there was no benchmark it was very hard for me to anticipate whether the client would like it or not. I shared a few ideas with the client and we settled for a desired ‘template’. Overall I loved this piece, it wasn’t as easy as I had predicted it could be but the results were rewarding. It is unique and I commend this client for taking a leap and going against the cliche of realistic portraits. There are so much creative possibilities that can be explored by an artist and just sticking to realistic portraits can be limiting. It is on of the reasons I prefer doing my own paintings to exhibit as I have the freedom to create new ideas and bring out the true definition of art.

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