New creations for the 2021 African Inspiration art exhibition

I am privileged to be one of the artists participating in the 2021 African Inspiration Art Exhibition which will be held at The Green Country Park on the 17th of September. For the past few years it has been held at the Lusaka Golf club so this will be an entirely new experience.

The African Inspiration art exhibitions are a creative and eye opening experience. There are plenty of meaningful art works on display from a diverse group of Zambian artists. I have seen amazing pieces on empowering women, childhood memories, African norms and inspirational pieces. It is always exciting to explore work form different artists and learn from the rich messages embodied in the art work. I have been inspired by many and I commend all the Zambian artists for seeking out their passion in this under appreciated industry. Most of us do it for the love and we want to contribute something unique and life changing to our communities through our talents.

You can check out some amazing snit bits I took when creating some of my beautiful pieces for the exhibition namely The calm in the storm  and My footprints My pride. These are truly inspiring and skilfully made art pieces and I shall explain their meaning in the next few days.

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