My Inspiration and Style

What inspires my craft? I get that question a lot. I would like to believe my work is inspired by a culmination of fascinating ideas. I am inspired by different genres and styles of art, I am self taught and learn on the go. I am very open minded and appreciate a wide range of work as long as it is delivered with quality. When I see a piece of art that is skillfully done it amazes me and opens my mind to the immense possibilities of art. I feel like a match that just got lit.. I instantly have a lot of fresh ideas that I could execute of my own. That’s the power of art. Therefore, I personally find it demeaning when it is assumed I am a particular kind of artist, no I am not… my work is a product of inspiration flowing through me.

My motto.. just be. Just be you, just do you. I often see a lot of artists especially where I come from trying to allign  themselves with the style of realism when it is quite clear their skillset is more of comics or abstract work. Such artists struggle and will often keep coming back for guidance wondering why they are not improving. Zambia to the best of my knowledge is limping in terms of art school hence many of us Zambian artists are self taught. I feel this contributes to the struggle as an artist is left to discover by themselves what would work best for them without professional help. A lot of artists tend to struggle to develop their craft, some give up and some end up boxed in to what they are not. So my advice is just be you, do what you love. Just be honest with yourself, what do you do best, what skillset is easier for you to flow in? Explore and see what clicks best with you and that could help guide you.

One thing I must admit though regardless of how open my range of art works is is that I find women to be my ideal subject matter. I believe women carry a complexity of messages owing to their role in society. Its always fascinating for me to work with references based on women and I think they are also more visually appealing for a work of art lol. I also love working with children as they symbolize hope. Children bring a tone of memory and hope to a painting which relates to most viewers. Maybe I also subconsciously chose these subject matters because of my feminine energy 🙂

You can check some of my work on my social media pages by clicking here here and hereto see the wide range of styles I have worked with before.



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