Music and Art

Music can be therapeutic. Music speaks to the soul. I normally paint and draw with my favorite music playing in the background. It helps me to cancel out my environment and put me in a zone where its just me, my brush and the music. Music can also sooth your mood and clear your thoughts for the work you are about to commence. It can trigger your emotions and  also reflect in your work. Music is an art and very integral to my process of creation hence I thought it would be useful to share some of my favorite tracks  that I play as I work.

I have a WIDE range of music that I listen to ranging from oldies, to recent pop hits.  Honestly I don’t think any of my peers can fathom my music really, I have a weird taste BUT to me.. THAT is art. lol. My favorite era is 80s pop, I just cant put into words how much it speaks to me. I also listen to a lot of 2000s pop that I loved hearing on the radio as a kid.

I am kind of outdated in terms of recent music past 2013, I guess its coz I began a corporate lifestyle and began to focus on my career more and personal growth. generally I am not even a radio kind of person so I am ALWAYS out of the loop. But I do know a healthy dose of best sellers nonetheless. I will always give more credit to the 80s though, EDM as well. I have sorted playlists containing my favorite music that play as I paint and draw or relax by genre on my channel here. I will also share some videos right here for the lazy ones lol! Get yourself a good pair of headphones and immerse your mind in the melody.

my best pop playlist  my best African

This video by AHA is LEGENDARY. I first watched it early 2020 and I was blown away. It has been my ringtone since. I am in love with the video, so artistic.  When you watch the making of the video you will undertsand and respect how much art they put into it.

I love this song as well, the original even better. Its always on my playlists.

I LOVE this video from wizkid I feel it was shot with the utmost quality and utilizes the African scenery. I love videos that show off the African scenery.

I just feel these were the perfect vocals.. so serene…

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