About Utopia

Utopia is a beautiful and unique painting I created for the 2021 European Union drawing competition that was held from April to May 2021. My first impression when I first saw the competition via facebook was WOW. I had never participated in a Zambian Art competition professionally at that point, worse off I had never seen any credible competitions prior. I could just be living under a rock anyways. I was amazed at the value of the competition in what it stood for as those goals requested in the art work are things I studied when getting my B.A degree in Development studies, things such as sustainable energy, food security, gender equality, health and education amongst many others. You can view the following links of the creation of the painting herehere and here. The detailed explanation of the meaning of the art work is here.

I was announced the winner of the competition in August 2021 and I was beyond happy. I’m grateful to everyone who voted for me, I couldn’t have done it without the votes. Through this opportunity I won a voucher for much needed art works which I will share in case other upcoming artists would love to know where I get my materials. Look out for that post! Art materials do not come cheap, through this voucher I managed to acquire everything I needed for my endevours in the near future. Thank you EU!

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