2019 Conservation lower Zambezi Exhibition

Conservation lower Zambezi was my very FIRST opportunity to exhibit as a group and this must have been in September 2017. This was at a time when I was fresh on the scene as a painter, discovering and learning. I will share that story in another post lol. The point being I have come a long way with conservation lower Zambezi and I truly appreciate the cause. It is always amazing to use my art to make a change in my community and I believe it is my responsibility as well. For the 2019 exhibition I was selected as one of the 25 artists who would exhibit 2 art works each in celebration of their 25 year anniversary. It was an amazing opportunity. It was held at Latitude 15 in Kabulonga which is a prestigious venue with lots of high value art work all around. I exhibited my painting of an elephant and a child specifically created for this day, and another colourful painting of an African lady. My elephant painting which was on auction got sold and the image below was the last I took with it. Its such a wonderful piece symbolizing strength and courage and I will explain it in detail in another post. The following day I was blessed to run into a local celebrity Mumba Yachi who I introduced myself to and we had a very good chat. I will share more in my next post 🙂


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