My first artistic love was drawing and painting
Drawing is not what one sees, but what one makes others see.
My Art. My Passion
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About Me

Hey people, Feli the artist here. I’m a visual artist and social entrepreneur. My passion is all things art, I am always learning and being inspired by art around me. I believe art is a journey, welcome to our journey!



Did you know that Chena Art gallery has an artist in residency program? Well they do and it is based at Nkwashi. Click this link

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All things Art! Art is fun, Art is beautiful, Art is inspiring!
Lets do this!

young creativez

Woodlands, ZM 10101

This platform is here to help inspire and connect you to a story that could change your life. We have so much talent and potential but there is a huge gap in information. Our message is be yourself, work hard and don’t be afraid to take that first step. One step is all that’s needed to move forward.